Livys two stickers? sneaky kids!

Olivia wanted a my little pony sticker before bed tonight after reading. Her behavior today was not so very good. Both she and abby earned timeouts for being mean to each other today at different times. So I said no on the stickers for the night and told her if shes good tomorrow morning she would get a sticker.

She seemed more than okay with it when she told meĀ “tomorrow morning you give me a sticker, give me a sticker, give abby a sticker, give abby a sticker”.

I was like, “livy is that your sneaky way of saying you want two stickers tomorrow for you and Abby?”

My three year olds response was a “yes” with a giggle!

I can only applaud her creativity! I am so going to be in trouble the older these two get!



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