livy’s first mail!

Awhile ago I had signed the girls up for a free membership to the Lego club magazine. Olivia got her first issue today and she just adored getting something in the mail just for her. She usually runs and drops off the house mail where it belongs, but not today. I showed her her magazine and she was all excited about it. Which was really nice since she’s been sick today too..

She took her magazine and curled up in bed to read it. When she found the packet of stickers she was even more joyful. She shared two with her little sister Abby by placing one on each cheek. The rest of Livy’s stickers we either put on her cheeks or her care bears.

I was really impressed with the magazine. A ton of comics, a puzzle, and a lot of neat contests.the Christmas one looks to be the most fun and has given me some ideas for this coming holiday season!



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