Little Tip to avoid a lossing small pieces


This is not a completely fool proof trick as my couch can tell a few stories about the painting and coloring my girls and I do while sitting on it. But this does help aliviate a lot of the mess and help on clean up time.

One of the biggest problems I have faced when coloring with crayons or markers on the couch is, we lose the little pieces easy. They just fall between the cushions and are lost until I actually lift them up to see under. Sometimes the pieces fall into the couch and then thats a problem my husband has to fix since he can lift it.

But to save on lossing these pieces I put a blanket down over it from the back to the seat. That way, there is no place for the little pieces to roll down into the couch. Its all on the blanket. If my daughters accidently miss their paper and marker on the couch? no biggy, it will come off in the wash and I won’t have to scrub!

So next time you want to avoid a mess, use a blanket as a cover! Do you have any other tips to help with coloring projects with toddlers and kids?



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