Little Faeries Coloring…

My two little faeries Miss Abigail and Olivia enjoyed some coloring with their new crayons their aunt purchased for them. She also got them the wings and a ton of other neat things! It seemed like perfect timing since I had promised the girls we would color their frozen princess masks and other movie related crafts I had found once I finished washing the dishes.

Then my sister came in with the bag of goodies! We really could use the crayons. Our tub of crayons keeps dwindling down even though I make it a point to clean them all up after we use them and put them away. Still there seems to always be a stray one misplaced or something.

The girls are now running around wearing their wings and masks we picked up from the Frozen event earlier this month. If the girls are not dressed up its because they are putting the items on their carebears.


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