An unexpected visitor!

1380619_847697705263617_4253308499522744607_nOne of the greatest things about living on a mountain is being so close to nature. It is easy to feel connected! I can look outside and see the splendors of nature. The abundant green in trees to grass which is now mostly golds, reds, and purples now that fall has set in. The open wide blue sky.

But in this freedom, its more than me just being connected. It means my house is opened up to nature too. All the wild life that can run, crawl, or fly might find my home to be a welcoming spot.

It was the case when I had the doors and windows open while my daughters and I enjoyed a tasty breakfast and talking. Out of nowhere something flew right over my head and landed against one of the glass back panels in our open shelf thing. I check to see what it was and it turned out to be a cute little bird that found its way inside.

It took me a while to get him or her to go outside, but it did provide some laughter for my kids and I as I tried to get a hold of the poor dear before one of our cats or dog did!




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