Liquor bottles on the berm ?

bottleI noticed a few liquor bottles on the berm when my family did a little walk the other day. We went on a third walk today after dinner going just about the same route we did the other day. Now that I was aware of them, I couldn’t help but notice them all as we passed by.

I find it appalling that there were so many empty bottles in the area along the berm in about a two city block space. Yet there seemed to be a ton in the front/side yard of a home on that street.

It just seemed like such a waste. There were a number of very pretty and decorative bottles that would just look so amazing washed up and with photos and such inside.  It also doesn’t seem so safe for them all to be discarded like that.

I came so close to picking them up but I am unsure of the laws concerning open liquor bottles. I know its illegal to have an open bottle of liquor in a car. Does that law also cover walking?

I also wouldn’t want to offend someone’s rights to have whatever they want in their front yard. The houses these were around were not exactly in the best of shapes/looking.

I don’t drink liquor but some of those bottles are just so pretty! Just not very pretty on the side of a road. 🙁



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