Lionpaw’s Potato Balls


I picked this recipe up when trying to find a healthy snack version of a favorite treat Potato Balls! This is baked and not fried so it cuts back on some unhealthy additives. Its also something that should be made partially in advanced but baked right before serving as they don’t taste to great sitting for a LONG time. I have been making this for years.

It requires

Fresh mash potatoes – basically make your own mash potatoes but before you add butter or anything stop and then follow this recipe!

For roughly 5-6 large potatoes a person will need:

  • 1 egg
  • a few big spoons of mayo
  • your choice of flavor additions – everything from corn, cheeses, diced cooked meats, you name it.  An 8 oz bag of cheese is great. But this really is up to personal preference. The great thing about this is the mixture can be divided to make different flavored batches too.

Mix it all together and then roll in to small balls. Dip it into crushed cornflakes to make a nice coating on each ball.

For about 1 inch size balls bake for about a half hour on 350 or 375. They come out great in larger balls too but those are best on a plate with utensils. So not the best idea for a party snack unless kept small!

Some better pictures of the steps: I made my Potato Balls!!!



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