Learning Numbers and Letters

My sister picked up the greatest things for my daughters to use to help them learn numbers and letters.

They are these foam “boards” with little pieces that are easy to take out and put back in. The pink one has all the letters in the alphabet. The yellow one has all of the numbers.

They are wonderful products in my opinion as one side is smooth and the other side has a textured feel. So I’ve been telling my girls the “bumps” go on the top so its easy for them to figure out the placement of the pieces.

Abigail keeps popping out the pieces and putting some of the back in. Oliviais doing great on finding where they go and putting them there. The “b”, “d”, and “q” are confusing her a bit though. They all look to have the same shape but are minor differences in the cut so they must go in the right spot to fit inside the board.



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