learning from kids

This was inspired from facebook… A friend posted a story about a little boy dressing up and how adults were cruel, but other kids were accepting of him.  I had to share it too and add my own two cents.

There are so many lessons kids can teach adults.  Its generally assumed with age comes wisdom, yet that’s not always true.  I’ve seen a lot of judgmental jerks who are beyond clueless and insulting when it comes to “trying to parent” and dictate what a child should or should not do or have.

I’m just glad that the ignorance of adults brings distance and that my kids can be kids, blissfully unaware of such closed minds that it will have no influence on them as they grow. That my daughters can grow up with a loving dad, wonderful aunts and uncles only a phone call away if in person they are states away.

Livy and Abby have just a sweet, loving nature about them. Crazy, Livy hears its someones birthday coming up and she demands to be able to make them a birthday cake!  I’m just so glad she has grown up to be happy to give happy moments to others and not be some selfish, judgmental, narcissistic closed mind.

Whatever a person plants is what they get, so I hope my daughters gardens continue to grow flowers in reflections of Christ, Nature, love, compassion, generosity, and understanding.


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