Lazy Day – its officially allowed to be a lazy day!

August 10th is Lazy Day!

Do you enjoy lazy days? I apparently do as more than four pages of journal posts came up when I did a search on “Lazy day” in my personal blog’s search engine. But today is a day where its perfectly acceptable to be lazy! To bad I am making up for all my extra lazy days as today has been a big shopping and putting groceries away kind of day.

Never-the-less I don’t mind taking a rain check on this holiday and celebrating it tomorrow. Now maybe that is kind of celebrating it today as I am just to lazy to celebrate a day on the intended day!

Ideas to be lazy?

1. Enjoy a nice relaxing soak in the pool, hot tub, or bathtub!

2. Take a nice refreshing nap!

3. Listen to the theme song for the day. What is it? It should be Bruno Mars “The Lazy Song”!

Happy Lazy Day!

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