Latest Crochet project!

I am working on some crochet embroidered sheets for my girls. I had a 10$ off a purchase of 10$ at JCPenny.  They had a collection of sheets on sale so after using my coupon I paid like $2.50 for a twin set.

I cut the flat sheet into half and then folded back and hand sewn the edges. After that, I did a did a yarn starter line to crochet off of. Then had the girls pick out colors they wanted. So far I’ve just been rotating on adding rows to them.

The girls love it! They will be nice and cool for them to use once spring/summer hits since for the most part, my girls only have heavy / warm blankets for the winter time and a few light afghans I’ve made them.

I plan to use the fitted sheet for some pillows, perhaps a table cloth for their small table, and who knows what. I’m sure I’ll figure something out the closer I get to working on that project!


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