Last craft order came in!

I mentioned a little while ago that I ordered a ton of stickers and craft things from Oriental Trading when they had the free shipping deal.  The box came today!

I am so glad I ordered everything that I did.  I wasn’t so sure but I figured it was worth it to try out some more products from them and see what its all like.  Their sticker rolls as per usual are great.

I am really surprised with the wood and metal wind chimes. They are a bit bigger than I imagined but I think it just makes them even better for the girls to color and paint. They sound wonderful too.  Its going to be hard to not start decorating them to put out now. I am waiting for it to be a project my sister can do when she visits next.  Which will be one month from today!

I also love the religious inspired stickers and stamps. They will be great to help in teaching the girls about faith and different religious practices.



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