Kitten Entertainment for kids!


My oldest girl adores her kitten “Bucky” as she calls him. I found him when he was a kitten when my husband and I dropped one of his kids off at school. The kitten was injured and all alone, so I was like “I’ll take him home, get him seen and find a new home..” well, needless to say I was 6+ months pregnant and got really emotional when it came time to give him away. He didn’t go anywhere.

Well, now hes about 3 years old and has been a long term playmate for my oldest girl. She adores him, and he really adores her. She was sitting under our table showing her sister how to throw toys to the kitty for him to play with them. This entertained my two girls for at least a half hour!

I really am happy hes super sweet, docile, and very loving with them. I have read a lot of horror stories of cats and toddlers, but I’ve also seen some really great examples on why its great to have some fuzzy family members to help teach kids compassion, love, and thoughtfulness. Are you a human pet to anything fuzzy and cuddly?



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