Kiss and Make Up Day

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAugust 25th is Kiss and Make Up Day!

What does it mean to kiss and make up? Its a wonderful way to end an argument or fight between friends or family. Arguing and being mad over things is in my opinion a huge waste of time. Why spend energy being upset when its better spent doing something good? I think that’s why I get so frustrated when I’m mad is because I don’t like being mad in the first place. Someone really has to do something like child abuse or animal abuse to get me flustered. Otherwise the small stuff just isn’t really worth getting mad over. It is worth laughing over though!

So feel free to celebrate and enjoy the day!

1. If you haven’t talked to a friend or family over a silly spat, why not call them up and see about kissing and making up? Friends and family are worth some apologies if the person actually means something to you.

2. Not “fighting” with anyone? Then maybe a little play fight with the spouse! The kissing and making up can be tons of fun!

3. Play a game of “Sorry!” and enjoy some play fights over Sorrying each other!

4. Talk to your kids about healthy way to have disagreements and resolve conflicts. Its okay to agree to disagree!!


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