Kikkoman’s Brine a Bird House Party!


My Kikkoman’s Brine a Bird House Party was one of the best parties yet! My family received a really neat party pack free from House party that included coupons for free products for guests to try, shirts for all, and a fun colored baking mitt for the hostess (me).

So I did party colors based off the baking mitt! I didn’t want to many thanksgiving colors since its so close to this upcoming holiday!

I also figured to have some fun with those attending!

Food guessing games!

So for all courses my husband and I made a few things. I let guests know they may or may not have a kikkoman product in it. It was for them to guess and I’d share the truth after all had a chance to play on the item.

I had a lot of fun joking with my sister that I even put soy sauce in the punch (I really didn’t; that was just made with sprite and sherbet).

15175448_1277898165582397_1877123137_nRecipe Inspirations

Soy Sauce Chocolate Chip cookies 


Potato & soy sauce side dish “Gamjajorim”

So tasty!

The food was super tasty.  I’m so glad my husband spent all those hours fussing over two fresh chickens and the sides. I started to help some but our 4 month old daughter is still nursing it was hard. So most (okay all work except for decorations) he did!

Our new product to try was the kikkoman original teriyaki marinade! My husband used it on the chickens and they came out amazing. Real juicy and flavorful when roasted over night. I’m definitely having him make it again!

I really love their soy sauce! I have yet to try the bread crumbs. I tried finding them at a few of the local stores here and the workers were clueless when I inquired about them after not finding them on any shelf.


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