kelseys pizza

I have been thinking about different dinners and places I use to go to when I lived in Florida.  One of my favorites was this pizza place called Kelseys. It was across from the University both my mom and I attended.

It closed down when the University added restaurants on campus besides their café. But the place was amazing and I have a lot of good memories of stopping by there for lunch or dinner with my mom when she did some kind of errand on campus and took me with her.

The place was an Italian mom and pop type dinner. They use to have these big sheets of paper they would use as a table cover then provide crayons too.  My mom and I played a lot of connect the dot games to win the most boxes.

I loved their bracheta bread. It had cheeses and tomatoes on it and it was just so yummy!

Do you like mom and pop diners or nation wide places?

Did you know there is a day for them? Mom and Pop Business Owners Day



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