Keeping the Fun in Sharing Kindness Rocks

I can’t believe how many people have told me about how they enjoyed painting kindness rocks but have stopped because people are mean, greedy, and selfish. As much as I hate to say it, there are all kinds of selfish people in the world that can really suck the fun out of a lot of things. That doesn’t mean we should give up or stop trying to spread goodness when we can! If anything, that should be more motivation in order to continue doing it so others know, there are still people out there that care!

So I’m going to share some ideas about keeping Kindness rock’s a happy activity and address some of the issues I’ve heard people talk about:

  • because kids were throwing them in the river.

Instead of giving up because that happened, why not find a new place to hide the rocks? Just some ideas could be to ask a local hospital if you can hide a few outside in the gardens/etc.  If there are any people that truly need a little bit of hope or a moment of happiness its usually those going to a hospital.  Another idea could be to ask if any of the local senior centers want them dropped off so they can hide rocks when out on a walk?

  •  they got tired of hiding them only to see them posted for sale in a their local Facebook market place/or craigslist.

🙁 I can’t believe someone would do that, but then again, the world is filled with all kinds of people. So maybe instead of posting the locations on the internet (for people to know where to get it) keep it as it was originally created? a general random movement in which people hide rocks and leave it to be a random/chance occurrence to find in order to make a person happy?

  • People were hoarding them / taking them and not re-hiding them

Sadly, I can’t think of a single thing about preventing people from collecting rocks (if they want to do that, then they will).  The only thing I can think to share  is to remember the meaning of why you started painting rocks in the first place?  Why did you start? was it to do good and spread kindness? Then focus on that!

Maybe, instead of dropping a bunch of rocks in one place for one person to take and keep all; consider dropping a single rock here and there at different locations as you go about your day. Then it gives the rock a chance to be found by different people and exemplify the meaning the rock painting movement started?


** The above image was NOT made by me; its just a wonderful quote that I hope spreads reassurance and motivation for the true meaning of sharing kindness rocks


There are all kinds of people painting and sharing rocks and doing it for different reasons. There are also all different people enjoying different aspects of rock collecting.

Its a great thing families can be involved doing and its relatively cheap/affordable to do! Focus on the positive; the great sides. People working together in an active community. Isn’t that nice?

Overall, Think of each rock as a gift

When you give a gift do you expect weekly updates? Do you want to be notified when it isn’t being reused? Do you expect it back when the person is done with it?

Paint this gift and truly give if as a gift. There is no harm in being interested if its found and a picture is shared. It is an awesome experience when someone shares a meaningful story about a rock. Its not the end of the world if the gift is given and never heard from again.

“It’s not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived.”
– Helen Walton

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