Just Because Day

August 27th is Just Because Day!

Life is far too short to live every moment of every day sticking to standards we might not want to every-time. It can be little things like adapting to the norms of walking to go into a store, eating “standard” meals at meal times. Is there anything you have wanted to do but common sense said go the other way? do something else that is more accepting?

Well today is Just Because Day, so enjoy a little fun just because!

Ideas tocelebrate” today?

1. Eat an ice cream Sunday for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Why? “just because!”

2. Plan a little social gathering. So what there is no “holiday”, its not anyone’s birthday or anniversary? Just enjoy the time with family and friends. I think its super important to see each other at all times, not just the major holidays, a wedding, or a funeral.

3. Wear all your favorite pieces of clothing. The comfortable shoes, cozy shorts, etc. It doesn’t have to match. It is just because day!

4. Have fun!

Enjoy your just because day !Is there anything you plan to do today “just because” ?


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