Jimmy Johns

The girls and I won a gift card for Jimmy Johns at one of the local children’s summer fairs. It wasn’t a place that I have heard about before; so I had to look them up! The website had their upcoming customer appreciation sale listed on their website so I did decide to wait for that! I mean really, if they are going to have subs for a dollar instead of 3.99 or 4.99 why not wait two days to go? 🙂

So we went on the big celebration day! I have got to say the service was amazing! I was kind of expecting some service workers who were tired and agitated with all the long lines, customers, and work they had to do. It wasn’t that at all. They had a real nice gentleman tending to the door to help alliviate the crowding in the place. He offered menus and talked nicely about whats on them. There wasn’t anyone rude when asking questions or getting something done a little different because of allergies. They had a lot of people tending to the orders and much to my surprise, they made the subs super fast! My husband had five subs in his hand before I even had time to fill the drinks we also purchased.

I’ve been avoiding anything SUB related since our real horrible experience at Subway that has since scared Abigail. Almost a year (if not a year) later, she is still afraid of subway and ordering food. The lack of customer service experienced there is just mind boggling. Its even more funny since Subway had reached out to me on twitter about it, but beyond that, no further contact had been made.

Here though, at Jimmy Johns, she said she’d go back to eat again if we wanted to. So who knows, we just might. Except they also deliver! I just wonder if they’d drop some of those yummy subs at one of the kids parks in the area. That could be a total win-win for this family!!!


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