Its so cold!!!

I took this picture when I went to check on the lights and make sure they were on for my husband. Its so cold out with so much snow coming down I figured the lights might help him see where the fence is and where our driveway should be.¬† I can’t believe how much snow we have out there! I swear there is a lot more than what my husband said has fallen so far.

Its just everywhere!

Olivia keeps coughing and so am I. He and I have asked her a number of times if shes feeling okay (she says yes) and if anything hurts (she keeps saying no). I have a really bad headache. I am almost tempted to go take an regular strength Tylenol.

I am just not a fan of taking medicine unless its absolutely needed. Since everyone is already asleep I think its time for me to curl up in our now giant bed and sleep too. My husband pulled out our queen size mattress and pressed it against the girls twin size mattress. Its just one giant bed to help conserve our heat in these negative temperatures!



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