coupons can help save so much!

My family did some shopping today and spent  roughly 40 dollars but got over 60 dollars worth of things.  Most of the savings were coupons but some were great sales such as our valentines day stuff**.

I had a basic list and it felt great we stuck to it as close as possible. Most of it were basic house hold things like animal care products, Abbys diapers, etc. I picked up some kid hair detangler spay so I hope it helps on Abby’s hair.   I grabbed some stickers, markers, and hair ties. Just some fun things  like a bag of candy for an up and coming “holiday”.

I just love how coupons can help save so much! The 5 dollars off of a 25 dollar purchase has to be my favorite frequently used coupon.  Do you have a favorite coupon?

Valentines merchandise 50% off !


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