is painting better than coloring?

I really love and enjoy painting with my daughters. Coloring with crayons is a lot of fun and not as messy as paint. But there just seems to be something about painting that just makes it so much better compared to colored wax sticks.

It just might be that when painting, my daughters and I start with a blank canvas and they are eager to fill the entire pages. Give them blank sheets of paper and crayons they will color but usually get bored and never do they fill it.

I just enjoy watching them come up with different shapes and things to do. Livy and Abby worked on the red / white sheet. They made some hearts, spirals, and other blots. I did the purple heart page.

Though super messy, I think painting is a better day time coloring activity. Crayons seem to be a nice winding down activity before bed.



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