Is my husband the only one hard to surprise?

I swear my husband is the hardest person to buy things for that is surprise. Its not easy being a stay at home mom and him being the basic provider and in charge of the money. He doesn’t horde money or anything so if I want something I generally can get it. But it just means he usually knows or has an idea about it.

So I thought I was being sneaky ordering him a little surprise with some of my online earnings. I picked him out the Back to the Future DVD trilogy from Amazon. I didn’t tell him about it and was hoping it would just be a nice surprise for him in the mailbox. Except, he saw the shipping order in his email!!!

I really wanted to get him something he can relax to and enjoy. ┬áHe’s been busting his butt big time on planning and doing all the things for the yard, the house remodel, and so much more. He really is a great husband, even if I have never been able to buy him a gift he doesn’t know what it is before he gets it!



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