International Day of the Girl

Girls Rock kindness rock made by Olivia 🙂

The united nations made this holiday in 2011. Its not just a holiday but also a social justice movement to empower young girls from around the world.

Its super important that we raise our young ladies to be the next generation of lawyers, doctors, teachers. Whatever they want to be.

We can thank Hillary Clinton for showing girls that they too can run for president. She did win the popular vote.

There are so many issues out there that young ladies have to face. Its important that as parents and caregivers that we teach girls to love and respect them selves and that they have the power and tools to take control of their life. Its also our duty to help them in any way we can.

So today, some ideas to celebrate:

1. Visit the official website for this special day over at

On this website they have a #StartTheConvo toolkit that helps with starting conversations concerning feminist issues and concerns. Plus much more!

2. Enjoy watching a good movie that displays powerful girls and women.

I grew up watching “murder, she wrote”. It was a favorite for my grandmother and I loved the problem solving skills of Angela. But there are many other good shows out there currently :

  • Legally Blonde for a comedy about a powerful woman; or Erin Brockovich, which is based on a real woman who tackled a real world problem through strong determination to use the legal system to save her town.
  • Sophia the first – A cute cartoon about a small town girl learning to be a princess and helping others while she learns more about herself.
  • winxs club – a TV series about a group of female fairies that battle forces and takes care of the magical world.
  • Miraculous – another series that involves a young girl living a double life as a student and a super hero. She relies on critical thinking and intelligence to solve puzzles in fixing problems in her town.

3. Think of things you can do to help with a problem in your community. What can you do? What programs out there that might benefit from your help?

Need help? That girls day website mentioned above has a blog covering a number of topics related to ” how to be an activist” that has useful information for any person.


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