Indoors or outdoors soccer can be fun!

Indoors or outdoors soccer can be fun! Its not something I would really recommend doing with a large hard ball. But the small squishy one I purchased the other day works great. Especially since I have a large open space in the living room while my husband and I work on repairing our house now that we moved back into it.

The girls and I were playing a game we “win” if we kick the ball in through the cone. Olivia gave herself a huge wide space for her cones to increase her chance of winning. The cones I had to kick the ball through are a lot narrower and also being guarded by her.

Abigail was having fun kicking the ball through any cones she wanted when it was her turn.

This┬ádefinitely┬ábecame a new favorite rainy day activity! What sort of things do you like to do with your kids indoors when the weather isn’t great for outside play?


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