Have you ever made an igloo? or snow cave?

Yesterday my husband snuck off to build a little cave / igloo for the girls.  We had this giant mound of snow out there courtesy of  some nice neighbors who have a truck with a snow plow. So when they were clearing out their drive they did ours too and left the snow in front of our garage.

The plan was to try and build a tunnel through it. Except the snow isn’t sticking. We even tried to build a snowman yesterday. It just did not work!

But somehow my husband managed to dig this out! Olivia had fun crawling in it and peeking out. She had even more fun destroying it with her daddy’s help.

He’d pick her up and “drop” her so she’d be knocking snow everywhere.  He did that with Abby too and the first time she just sat there and the snow didn’t budge!


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