I so love pinchme

Last Tuesday I ordered a wonderful pinchme sample box for free. My oldest knows I placed the order as she was there when I was at the website. It didn’t come today but she still wants to check the mail every time we are outside and by the box in case the pinchme box arrives. The mail has already run today, but she seems to think it would be a special delivery and we’d get mail two times the same day! I love her enthusiasm when it comes to trying to new products!

The latest box has so many new things to try! I am pretty excited for it to get here too. One of my free samples is Allegra for allergy relief. Its definitely something I am going to look forward to trying as there is something I can’t quit figure out what is driving my allergies nuts lately. Then there are a ton of other samples too for things related to stuff I need to purchase soon too. So the samples just might help me figure out the brand name before I am at the store. 🙂



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