I got a phone and fitbit!

The other day Abigail pinched her finger in the mailbox. It bleed a lot and freaked the kids and I out.

I did my best to comfort her on the long walk home. Olivia was a big girl to run home, pull out the step-stool so she could reach our emergency supplies stuff. She did this all on her own without being asked.

In no time at all Abigail was patched up. It was a wake up call. What would I really do in an emergency? So I got a new phone just in case something were to happened I can call then and there for help. Granted I’d still have to find a signal as life on a granite mountain is not very easy for signal’s… but the great thing is, if I need to dial 911 I don’t need a signal with my carrier, it will pick up! The phone is nothing fancy and looks like its from the 1990’s!

I also purchased my sisters boyfriends fitbit from them. So I’ve been playing around with it. Yesterday my first day with it I did over 10k steps. Today I’m only at 4k after eating lunch. Its the first day of Summer break and I’m relaxing with my kids!


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