I felt so guilty baking!

I kept waking up every half hour to check the clock and make sure I didn’t sleep. There is so much to do before the party at 3. So I gave up and gone ahead and started doing last minute things.

  • I added a few more items to the shopping list. I went over our coupons and made sure to bring what I plan to buy that needs one.
  • I remembered to put my camera batteries in the charger and I have 6 gigs of space on my photo card.   I doubt I will take that many pictures. Who knows though, either way  my camera will be ready to capture a few smiling faces or so I hope!
  • I baked two round white cakes and 1 chocolate 9 x 13 cake this morning. They will have time enough to cool before I try to piece them all together and make a potty or toilet shape cake for the  Pull-Ups “Hello Pull-Ups, Goodbye Diapers” House Party!

I still felt so bad baking! I usually have either Abigail or Olivia in the kitchen helping me.  They love being able to mix and pour things together. I hope they have fun frosting it later when they are up though.


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