I feel like I am making a giant hacky sack!

I feel like I am making a giant hacky sack! In reality I am trying to crochet two round pillows for my daughters. The appearance of them really make me think of the small weaved hacky sacks. Then when these pillows are so heavy because my little girls are putting their heads on them while I crochet, they really do feel like giant hacky sacks!

I am halfway done on Olivia’s pillow. After she saw all the colors on her sisters pillow, Olivia has now wanted ALL the colors on hers. I am doing a little pattern with the ones she wants and I think its turning out pretty cute. Its not going to be the exact same size as her sisters and it may turn out to be a little bit bigger. But overall, that is kind of expected with an item being hand made without a pattern.  🙂

My girls really want them done so I plan to go back to crocheting and enjoying the movie with my family tonight.

Update: WIP: The crochet part done!


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