i feel evil… Like real evil.

e74253a80b9875c8ae9b522b0fe94808My oldest daughter hasn’t been in a diaper in forever.  She turned 3 in January and still is in pullups. She can wear one for days and the only reason she changes it is because it falls apart. Not because she used it.

I have been trying to get her to wear cloth for the longest time. She just won’t wear them!

My husband said to hide them. So I did when she was sleeping.
After her bath today I told her to get a new one, knowing alls she would find are cloth ones in her drawer.  She was so mad then I told her Funshine (her favorite carebear) hid them.  That he promised to buy her a toy if she wears the big girl cloth.

She happily put them on. Then she used her play phone to call him up and yell at him for taking her underwear.



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