I am so mad at this store! Moldy pumpkins?!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI admit I do most of my shopping one time a month. I live in the country and it just doesn’t make sense to do a lot of small trips.  I buy the bulk of what will hopefully last me for the rest of the month and then some.  However, I also shop weekly to buy perishables like milk, bread, fresh produce, plus catch things that are now on sale.

So when I go shopping to pick up things I do expect them to last a few days. Not a lot of days, but at least a few because I plan my meals and have an idea on what I am making when.

Can you imagine my disappointment when I purchased “fresh” pumpkins on Sunday evening and went to use them Tuesday afternoon and I saw mold on them? I had fully planned to let my daughters color them one day and I use them the next to try my hand at a recipe to make a pumpkin puree. So yesterday my girls were really sad they couldn’t color their pumpkins as we had planned to do together.

I know I did not spend a lot of money on them as they were each a bit over a dollar to buy. However, now I know not to buy “fresh” produce here. I was already informed not to buy meat there and some of my experiences there concerning purchasing meat has been well, far below my expectations! It just sucks big time as this store is rather convenient to the house. But I would rather go farther to have fresh, quality items that don’t go bad within a matter of days!

This store is also the same one where their store associate opened up boxes of ribs to make a high quality pack for them self.

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