I am loving it outside

I am really loving the weather outside! Its sunny and breezy, not too cold nor hot. It just feels great!   I am wearing a tank top and trying my best to keep my hair from my face. After I swept the leaves off the back patio/deck I couldn’t help but pull out my new laptop to get some bubbles in while the girls play.  Its not like this great weather will last so we can enjoy it while we can!

The girls did pull out their bikes to ride them some.  Today will most likely just be a day of fun, play, and maybe some baking. I still have some cleaning to do but I will get to that when Abby is done nursing.  I am super tempted to get my bike out and go for a ride, but I wouldn’t be able to take the girls with me so that means I can’t do that! Maybe come spring Livy will be up to riding with me and I can figure out a kiddy seat for Abby?



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