I am glad I hold their hands & why you should hold your kids

I have two gorgeous daughters Olivia who is three turning four soon and Abigail who is two. Olivia is really in the “I am a big girl” stage and wants to be able to do things on her own. One thing I still demand is to hold her hand or that she holds an adults hand when crossing the road or parking lots.

So when I was done shopping with my two daughters and my sister I was sure to be holding hands or bodies. I had Abigail sitting on my hip with my right arm around her waist. I was holding Olivias hand in my left when we exited the grocery store. My sister was pushing the shopping cart with all of our stuff in it.

There were no cars coming when we got off the side walk and was walking on the road/paved part of the parking lot. That was when a red van came speeding at us. I grab Livy’s hand tighter and jerk her along with me. I’m trying to pick her up and get her out of the way. She ended up scraping her leg on the road part but luckily neither of us three were majorly hurt. My sister also tried to move out of the way and reflectively held up her hand to stop the van and the driver made impact with my sister. Also thankfully, my sister wasn’t majorly injured and the sound of the thud of her hand against the back left / passanger side of the vehicle caused the driver to stop. Cause otherwise the van would have literally ran over my sister, my daughters, and I.

So I am really, really, happy I still hold the hands of my kids when out in parking lots. There are many careless, crazy, irresponsible drivers out there that don’t care about anyone but themselves. So its important to take all precautions we can as parents to take care and protect our kids.



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