Hug Your Kitty Cat Day

Today, June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day!

Do you have a cat you enjoy snuggling up with? I do. I have eight at the moment. Three big kitty cats and five kittens.

Cats offer a lot to their human counterparts. They are great companions and stress relievers. They can help eliminate pests too if they are an active hunter. I read somewhere that in the 1800’s a known mouser cat could be worth 100 dollars or more. That was a ton of money back then!

Luckily all three of my cats are mousers and hunters. Though my oldest gal who is over ten years old isn’t as active as she once was. She still likes to play occasionally.

How to celebrate today?

1. Give your kitty cats lots of snuggles. Just a word of advice though, don’t expect a cat to be happy with a big hug and lots of affection if they are not use to it. So its a great idea to give them hugs and snuggle time every day of the year.


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