How to make a puzzle

My daughter wanted to make a heart shaped puzzle after seeing one in a magazine. So I searched my home and found some materials to use and we made one!

Cereal Box
paint/ crayons/ whatever you want to use to color it if you want to color it


Step 1. I opened up the cereal box to make it flat.

Step 2: I cut out the heart shape I wanted for the puzzle. You can be creative and make any shape, star, moon, etc.

Step 3: Cut the heart down by making pieces.

Since my daughters are 3 and under I opted to make large pieces. I  did various shape edges from curves, triangles, etc.  This way they can play match the shape.

Step 4:  I turned mine into a painting project. It can easily be a coloring one or just leave it plain.

Step 5: Enjoy

This was just so easy to do! It took us under an hour to make it but that did not include drying time for the paint.



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