How to exspand your book collection!

It saddened me greatly to see a “going out of business ” sign on the local used book shop! I’ve picked up a number of fantastic reads there at a great price such as my copy of the four agreements.

A lot of used book shops seem to be closing…. So what are some other great ways to build a library for your family?

Thrift shops –  I’m not really a fan of “Goodwill” for they operate for a profit and usually their price stickers cost more for the item than the original store who distributed it currently sells it for!  So it’s usually not a deal there when it makes no sense to pay 10 dollars for a ripped book when you can get the Same edition new at walmart for less.

I love the salvation army, habitat for humanity, and other similar places! They will usually pull out special high price books and sell them at value (nothing wrong with that..they are helping people after all).  For most books it’s easily affordable to buy and not feel guilt over picking up a few. Almost every time I get to go to one of those places  with my kids we all pick out at least one book each. At about 25 to 50 cents per a kids book and 1 to 2 bucks an adult book…how can I not be willing to part with $1.50 + tax?

Discount stores

There are so many different varieties to them but most tend to buy random lots of books that didn’t sell and they try to sell them at around 50% or more off suggested retail value. Some of my favorite pick ups here were paying 39 cents per a smurf book! My kids loved them and they were the same cartoon characters I feel in love with as a child!


Most libraries I’ve visited in a number of states have a discard area to sell old books and magazines.  Most prices I’ve seen books sold for range from 10 cents to 50 cents per a book. Some really antique ones for 1 dollar or more!

Consignment shops

These can sometimes be pricey! Other times they can be really great bargain prices. Most books that I’ve seen sold in these sorts of places are collectors pieces that are first editions.

Flea market / farmers markets

These places can be either really good or really bad. Many operate like how used book shops use to but it’s more affordable to make a profit. I’ve got some really good deals just buy talking to the vendor. They want to make money and some don’t mind building sales like “spend so much get so much free” . some might even take trade ins to get credit towards other books.


Almost every store might mark down items that haven’t sold that season and so on. So never be afraid to take a peak, especially if they usually sell books!


This is really turning out to be a favorite for me. It use to be that book shops were great at special ordering those hard to find books for you! Yet with so many of them closing, where else can someone go to find a particular book or one no longer printed? online!


Dolly Martin’s imagination library!

Its a free program that encourages reading to children from birth on. It is a very enjoyable program that helped start my kids book collection during some pretty depressing times as a family. More information @




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