How many states have you been to?

I found a collection of state stickers and had the girls “clean up” their toys before they could get them. I figured stickers would for sure entertain the girls for a little bit. I split the package in half so Livy and Abby both had some to use along with the notebook paper I gave them. I read a few of the State names and then they both kept asking me to read to them what their stickers said.

Olivia grouped hers based on the images putting ones with snow together, others with trees, and so on. Abigail kept sticking hers down and then pulling them off to once again reapply them.

All in all, it had me think about all the states my family has been in. I have lived in at least four different states and traveled through even more. My daughters have only lived in two states Ohio and Tennessee but they have traveled through a third. I wonder, how many states we can travel to and visit as a family? It would be nice to do road trips once they get a tad bit older.



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