My husband drew a little hopscotch on the bench seat which of course reminded me of the game again! So Livy and I drew out a game on the back patio and she helped me color it.

I tried to drawl a few numbers upside down. they were right, but reversed as he kindly pointed it out. So I redid them. Its important to keep the numbers written the correct way as the girls are still learning them.

Abigail and Olivia enjoyed playing them. I made the squares a bit small for their little feet. Its fun to play and I can use all the exercise I can get.  They are just so joyful and happy about doing anything. They get such huge smiles on their faces when they hop/jump through the trail.

I so need to sew the up a little bean bag.

I am thinking of all sorts of craft projects to do at the new house. I just want to go ahead and be there!



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