Heart Checkers!

PIC_0472This idea came about because I found a really fun item on major clearance / discount price after Valentines Day.




Valentines Day heart boxes*

PIC_0474*I bought three packages of them on clearance. But I have seen them pretty frequently during the holiday shopping at different stores like dollar tree or most major retail places. Plus, heart tokens can also be made out of cardboard!


I just used a long piece of cardboard to drawl on lines onto another piece of cardboard. I found the center and worked my way out from there making eight rows by eight rows.

PIC_0494 Then I used a crayon to color in every other square to make a checkers board.

I divided the hearts into two piles with assistance from my daughters. It became team red verses team pink. I did have my girls take off the bottoms to use those only when someone earned a king.

Its not the best looking board ever. However, it was a fun project to do and it cost us under 2 dollars to make!

I do plan to revisit the colors/ decorations on this board in the future when we get around to painting next!


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