Have you ever bribed someone?

Have you ever bribed someone? My oldest daughter tried to bribe me last night!

Yesterday her aunt purchased stickers for my two daughters. They love them and have been playing with them since they got them. Last night, my oldest asked to watch the cartoon show Avatar. I told her no because she already watched two shows of it that morning and she did not help clean up her bedroom as promised.

So she gave me one sticker and told me I could have two stickers if I let her watch her show. I told her no. she asked a few more times promising a sticker of my choice. I said no, she didn’t clean her room and I might re-consider her watching a show if and only if she cleaned her bedroom.

So Olivia took the first sticker she gave me back and was all ‘fine, you don’t get any stickers because your mean!”

Well, I might be mean, but I’m a mom and I’m allowed to be mean!



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