happy thanksgiving!

20161125_190946Happy thanksgiving! This is a little late and I’m sorry for that. The day before thanksgiving my daughters doctors office instructed to take her to the er for her 102.7 temperature and her crazy output.

Thanksgiving day was spent snuggling her while my husband cooked the turkey, deserts, and stove top vegetables. My sister made two casseroles. And my husband set the table.

So all’s I did was make hot drinks and eat.

That night liley started a weird cough that had her stop breathing when coughing. So she was once again taken back to the er. She has croup and received a steroid shot.

20161126_192900Next day she had a follow and weight check and she is now gaining. Last weight for her she is 11 lbs and 13 oz.

So in all this I have bronchitis and livy and Abby are also are sick this whole week too. So needless to say we are celebrating a thanksgiving weekend!



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