Happy Mothers Day!

18472716_1460664240639121_791413458_oI’m starting my mother’s day celebration a little bit early. I get a whole weekend 🙂

My husband asked me what I wanted to do for the day and its simple… I just want to stay home and enjoy some quiet time with my family. I’m craving a nice big meaty home made spaghetti sauce with some delicious noodles. So that’s what we will be making on sunday.

However, tonight gets to start off with some either grilled food weather permitting… we just had a tornado touch down real close by within the last hour..  If we can’t cook outside, then my husband can make some french fries and other snack items in the oven. I’m still hoping to grill since I got a great deal on fresh corn on the cob (33 cents each!) and I got stuff to make delicious grilled cabbage steaks!

I also picked out the movie Trolls to watch with my family. I checked redbox to see if they had it and my husband then remembered he had an email from them. So he checked and it turned out to be a free rental. So yay!

The bracelet was something I made with my girls the other day. The football represents my husband, first pink heart is for Olivia, second pink heart is Abigail, and they both picked out the yellow for Delilah and green for me. 🙂

Happy Mothers Day everyone!


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