Happy Easter!


Easter this year was a total blast. The girls did a lot better in meeting the Easter Bunny. This one didn’t have a lot of “formal” attire on. He seemed real open and friendly compared to some other Easter Bunnies the girls have seen in the past.

They had a lot of fun going to a local Easter celebration hosted by a local church that did an Easter egg hunt, games, snacks, and other kid friendly things.

Jim was just wonderful on making Easter Dinner all by himself for us and our extended family. I washed some dishes, but really, he did EVERYTHING. The food was super tasty!

I woke up at like 2 am Easter morning to stuff the eggs for our at home egg hunt. It was probably the worst idea to let the pregnant woman do this task all alone while hungry. I had some decent self control on most of it… except I don’t think my girls got any red jelly beans. Those are my favorite. Once I got to the dove chocolates…. yeah, more went in my mouth then the eggs!

The girls really loved the baskets the Easter Bunny left for them. He did an assortment of fun accessories like a purse, hat, sunglasses, and jewelry, some candy, and some outside spring toys.


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