Happy Easter!

17861771_10155230716796514_2604656106617229580_n (1) Happy Easter!

Good Friday

We did Easter dinner on Friday since my husband had the day off and worked crazy hours for the weekend.  No one wanted to eat a turkey for breakfast or late at night after the girls were in bed!

They helped a lot in baking and decorating the sweet treats. Delilah even managed to get her hands into the soy based frosting which she completely loved. After she licked it all off her hand she kept motioning for more. I’m a mean mommy though and gave her carrots instead! She was not a happy baby.

The girls and I colored eggs outside in case Delilah really got into it. A baby really can’t make a big mess outside, at least not one 17965117_1435973466441532_1993681611_nthe grass can’t cover! For the most part alls she tried to do was eat it or smash them against each other or against the table.  Olivia and Abigail enjoyed eating the eggs and coloring them.


The girls got to meet the Easter Bunny! We went to a community egg hunt where all the girls got to play some games and hang out with a friend of theirs. The day was super fun even if we all were sunburnt by the time we arrived back home.

We worked on an Easter Board game and are still coloring and decorating it. Its taking a bit of time since we are covering some very important topics in an attempt18009172_1435973909774821_1559982372_n to keep it child friendly and not give my girls nightmares with talks of death.

Easter Sunday

I kind of really liked doing Easter this way. It left more room on Easter Sunday to just kick back, relax, and enjoy the actual holiday. The girls were a lot more into watching Jesus Christ Superstar this year than any year previous. Abigail keeps asking to watch the song for Close Your Eyes that is sung by “Mary”.  I don’t mind, it is one of my favorite songs from the movie.

Its been a very busy weekend and we still have a ton of crafts and things left to do! We shall get to it, even if Easter is “over”… it never hurts to have a little fun in celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their weekend!



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