How to play hand and foot card game

I never heard of this game much less have played it until I meet my husband. My sister is coming for a visit and I hope she and her guy will play this with us.  I searched online to find the rules /how to play it and I kept coming across rules for 5 decks or more!

So this is how my husband taught me and he said these are the official “rules”  for our house!

Get 4 decks of playing cards, including jokers, and shuffle together. We try to have 2 decks with one pattern back, and two of a different colored deck.

Place cards face down in center of players.

Each player attempts to take 22 cards off the top of the deck and separate in to 2 hands of 11. If player successfully cuts 22 cards, their team gets 500 bonus points.

First hand, you pass the 2 hands to the left, second to the right, third across, and forth the player keeps their own hands.

Once received the hands, set one aside and organize the other one. In our house, players can peak at the bottom card in both hands to decide which set of cards they start play with.

First round/hand, you need 90 points to get on the board, second 120, third 150 and fourth 180.

Card point values:
4-7 worth 5 points
8-king worth 10 points
Aces worth 20 points
2’s are wild and worth 20 points
Jokers are also wild and worth 50 points

3’s can not be melded and black ones are worth 5 points against you and red are worth 500 points against you

Play rotates to the left, each player draws the top 2 cards from the pile.
If the player wants the top card in the discard pile, they must have 2 of the number value in their hand, not one and a wild, must be a natural, and they must take the top 8 cards from the discard pile.

Cards are laid down in groups of 3 or more, until 7 are in the columns.
If all 7 cards are the value, no wilds, then it is a natural book and you put a red card on the top, it’s worth 500 points.

If there is a wild card in the column, then it is a mixed book and you put a black card on top, it’s worth 300 points.

When a player uses all the cards in their first hand, they then pick up the second hand and play as normal.

When a player is able to go out, they must first have at least one of each a natural and a mixed pile AND they must get their partners permission to go out.

The team that goes out gets 100 points added to the total of their books.
All players with cards still in their hand count and subtract their total points from the cards played, then add up the rest of the points for their score.


I never had so many “books”


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