Guess who can now have milk?


Yesterday, was a very long and stressful day.  Abigail had another round of allergy tests. I really wish there was a better method for figuring this out. Its generally real torture in my opinion, what people have to go through for this.

It would have been better to have been able to lay down and hold her against my chest while they administered the test to her. Except, I turned 18 weeks along yesterday and I already have a baby bump. Plus, my little girl was kicking a lot. So we had to switch positions. I tried laying down next to her on the patient seat/bed thing. She wiggled a lot and I couldn’t keep her still while the nurse tried to do the test.

So it ended up being some more nurses came in, so there would be more hands to pin her down. 🙁 I was holding her head and an arm down. There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and agony and your a part of the reason she’s hurting. I’m crying again now, just thinking about it. 🙁

I’d rather kiss her boo-boos and make the pain go away. With that, there really seems to be nothing that can be done except to hug, give kisses, and try to keep her as still as possible so they don’t have to cancel the test and try again another day.

Once it was done, she was really in tears and crying it hurts. They did the full food panel test and she had been jabbed with a needle way to many times. Her back looked like a bloody board game for the connect the dots she loves playing.

I had them turn off the lights and held her the best I could, without moving her. She cried a lot and kept saying how much she hurt and missed her daddy and sister.  She wanted to go home.

Well, to the positive side of the tests being done. She has out grown her allergy to milk. We also now know what is triggering her off and on, since she’s been on a very strict diet.

She no longer can have her fresh strawberries, pecans, almonds, and egg yolks. The dr said she can still eat eggs they just must be thoroughly cooked (so no more of her sunny side eggs she does love).

The rest of the day was pampering her. She asked for mac n cheese and ice cream for her lunch and that’s exactly what she got! plus some shrimp, green beans, and cottage cheese. I promised her a new toy when she was doing the test and she asked for two toys, so her sister could pick out one too. How could I say no to that?

They picked out some new nail polish kits with decorative bags. Plus a few other things.

We did totally splurge and her dinner was a pizza…. with cheese on it.

She was completely excited!



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