Groundhog day

Tomorrow is also groundhog day! Its been a family tradition to watch the movie groundhog day on it. But that would make it a lot of TV time considering the family plans to watch the superbowl game too.

So most likely, we will watch that movie on Monday. Tonight we watched the first part of the Hobbit.  Oh my is all I can say about it. I LOVED it! I am so glad my husband rented it for me. He’s not a fan of fantasy but I love it. What can I say, I’m a Dungeons & Dragons girl.  That movie really has me wanting to play some RPG’s again.  Maybe, just maybe I might coax my sister out to play some.

But back to the holiday. I still plan on doing some coloring and talking about it with Olivia. I just don’t know how much we will really do since I still have some cleaning and we have some baking plans for the game.




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