Great first class and getting ready for the holidays!

Its been a pretty busy few days. I really enjoyed my first class at the missionary. It was very moving to hear some  of the stories behind the rocks people were making. One set was made for a lovely lady’s brother who is battling cancer. It was a very nice and I can’t wait for the next one! I’m also doing the weekend painting group at the park this weekend. The weather looks iffy but at least where we will be doing it is covered!

I’ve been writing over at Mylot under the pen name Daelii . My Lionpaw was already taken 🙁 I’ve been sharing a daily good things and different rocks as I paint them. I figure to share the works in progress over there and the completed / hidden ones over here! My kids and I have been hiding rocks everywhere. My husband has even been hiding them with Delilah (our youngest who is almost 16 months old now).

We thankfully have another large batch that needs spray sealed. I’m just waiting for a non rainy/wet day to do it so it can dry real good.

I’ve been working on finishing up some Thanksgiving crochet projects and we’ve already been shopping for Christmas. I don’t want to spoil those kind of details since my children can read (and do read) my blog. But kmart has all kinds of deals on toys (clearance is 50% off).

They do know that I have a bag of surprises they can’t peak into. Walmart had all their halloween stuff on 75% off and I bought a few things for the New Years Count down bags.



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