It seemed like a nice earthly craft to do today to make the grasshopper craft kits with my daughters this morning. After  getting everyone ready for Abigail’s doctor appointment I still had 30 minutes to an hour before the cab would come.

So we started this project as everything but the glue should have been in the kits from oriental trading. The first one I opened I thought it was the extra supply pack and not a kit since all the pieces were not in it. I check all the other packages and they were all like that. I gone a head and finished the craft with the girls.  Since enough was there to make the grasshopper part.

Later I did contact them on their supper fast live support and they fixed it. 🙂GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Its still such a lovely craft project to do and its just so cute! The girls had them walking and hopping everywhere as we waited for the taxi.



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